Controlling our own identity by ourselves

What is Self Sovereign Identity?

In the physical world, we use different types of techniques to prove our identity on different occasions. For example, we use a driving license, national identity card, or passport to prove our identity to certain parties in different scenarios. In the digital world, we…

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

First of all, what is ‘Authentication’? Simply ‘Authentication’ is the process of distinctly identifying a certain entity. As the name implies the Multi-Factor Authentication is to use multiple factors to identify a certain entity.

Those factors can be categorized as ;

  • Knowledge factor
  • Ownership factor
  • Inherence factor

Knowledge Factor


Future of IAM

Conventional identity management deals with two types of accounts. They are ,

  • User accounts
  • Privileged Accounts

User Accounts

User accounts have a limited set of privileges to access different resources. Some examples are online shopping accounts, social media accounts and many more. …

What is a memory leak in java

Usually when objects are no longer used by an application those object should be garbage collected. But if these objects are still referenced, then the garbage collector can not remove these objects from the working memory. Further there are some objects stay in the memory through out the life of…

Hasanthi Purnima Dissanayake

Associate Technical Lead @ WSO2

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